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FS: z3 head, rcrew, and more

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Alright guys, I'm just gonna make a list and go from there. NO trades!!! Everything is OBO.


-Brand New Hasport eg/dc k series swap mounts $400

-Brand new R Crew eg/dc k series swap header SOLD

-Used K20z3 head, complete with valvetrain, cams, sensors, ect... $750

- Used ep3 idler setup for k swap SOLD

- Also have a brand new set of lenso/exospeed drag wheels. these wheels are 4x100 and an offset of +25 i believe. primary used for slicks. black in color SOLD

Prices do not include shipping or paypal fee's. please take that into consideration when making offers
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The new Hybrid-Racing mounts and Hasport mounts share the same mounting positions! The Gen 1 Hybrids do not!
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