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Selling last winters unfinished project. These are Work wheels, more specifically the VS-MX model. I believe they stopped making them around 2002. They are very similar to the Rezak model that Work used to sell. I bought these last winter, from a member on this forum. Once I received them, they were in a little worse shape then I had hoped. In his original add he made no mention of any defects. Long story short, after a long paypal claim process, I did get some resolution. Since then, I have decided to go a more track friendly route with my car.

The specs on these wheels are:

18 X 8 +38 (6.5" inner barrel)
18 X 9 +50 (7.5" inner barrel)

5 X 114.3 & 4 X 114.3 Lug pattern

These wheels are in need of refinishing. Each wheel has atleast some sort of road rash. Albeit, none of it is on the extreme side I see some wheels posted up for sale with. The faces and center caps are in great condition, just need some fresh paint or powder.

1 of the 9" wide wheels has a slight bend in it, due to being damaged by Fedex when I bought them originally.

I did start to take these apart, as I planned to refinish them last winter. However, with the long claim process, I had to hold off on refinishing them until that was over. I have cleaned 80 of the original WORK bolts and they came out looking brand new.

All the center caps are included, the waffle caps are very rare and hard to find if missing.

The actual VS logos in the caps are a little rough, I had planned to replace them with a billet piece but never got around to it.

I'm looking to get $900 OBO for these plus shipping. I am open to trades with cash on my end most likely. I'm looking for something in the 17X8 +35 size. Mostly track oriented and Japanese, no RPF1's please. I am willing to drive 2 hours to meet up. I am also willing to drop off at "That Wheel Guy" if you work out the details with him for refinishing.

I think I covered everything, but if I did miss something please feel free to PM me. I am on here quite often and all notifications come to my phone.

More photos can be seen here. VS-MX

Not a ton of posts on here, more often on ClubRsx. I have great Itrader reviews on Clubrsx and Probetalk under the same username: Ransom
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