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FS:USED K24 CP Pistons 88mm 12:5:1

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I have USED 88mm K24 X-Forged CP pistons w/1,200 miles. RODS arent included in this deal.......SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason for Price Being So Low:

Need New Piston Rings are $100 from CP

Due to motor heating up pistons shrunk a little took them to the machine shop to have them checked out and was told the pistons are still good and can be re used again. The only thing in order for them to be re-used each piston has to be bored and honed to each cylinder.


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only problem is if the pistons changed size then you need special rings to fit each piston. Am i not mistaken
let me know for sure.. it still just seems risky but for the right price i may take them off your hands..
1 - 2 of 8 Posts