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FS: RSX Type S head and Type S ECU

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One Type S head and ECU for sale. Had the head tested and checked out by an Acura Technician and all parts check out good, nothing bent or cracked. ECU is actual Type S ECU looking for 900 plus shipping. Need to sell REALLY fast!
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EvaUnit01 said:
Not full assembled. All nuts and bolts, all valvesprings, valves, valve retainers, head, cams, rocker arms and assemblies. The cams, cam gears and rocker arms are assembled, all that needs to be done is install the valve equipment and cam assembly to the head and that's it. So all parts are there. Will to sell separate (head or ECU or both if you want it)
Does it come with intake manifold or anything? Where in VA are you and would you cut me a deal if I come pick up from NC?
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