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I will ship after payment is received. I will ship USPS Priority Mail for smaller items and FedEx ground for larger items. I will also include a tracking number or delivery confirmation number. Shipped price are for shipping to the 48 States.
I accept money orders, Paypal, and also pickup in Central NJ.
I have many references and vouches H-T, just ask around or I can send you a list.

Contact Info
E-Mail – [email protected]
PayPal - [email protected] ADD 3% FEE to listed price if you choose PayPal

Please Email as my PM’s fill up quickly

Please click on the thumbnails for larger images

2003 K20A2 Shortblock
- Decent condition, I used this block with a K20A3 head to move the car around.
- Has some damage to one of the trans mounting holes, however everything still bolts up good.
- Good for a quick stock rebuild (Hone and Re-Ring)
- No accessories included
- I will not part out or disassemble, sorry.
$400 + Shipping
Pictures to Follow

K20A Transmission Outer Cases
-Great Condition, One is from K20A2 and the other is a K20A3, both the same thing
$150 Shipped Each (1 Still Left)

Painless Master Disconnect
-Great Condition, like new
-Includes NHRA Approved shut off switch, and power wiring from the battery (located in front fender) to fuse box in stock location.
-Removes the need to run heavy gauge wiring from the front to back of car
-Everything is labeled and wiring has high quality crimp connections
$150 Shipped

K-Swap Starter and Alternator Wiring
-Great Condition
-Works with K swap where the battery is mounted in the front fender area
-Everything is labeled and wiring has high quality crimp connections
$25 Shipped

2006 K20Z1 Engine Harness
-Missing some plugs but great start to build your own harness
-Still has all coil and injector plugs
$60 Shipped

K20A2 Oil Pump Chain Tensioner
-Great condition
$20 Shipped Each

K20A2 Chain Sprockets
-Great condition
$20 Shipped Each

K24A4 Water Pump
-Great condition
$25 Shipped

K24A4 Water Housings
-Good Condition, One has the A/C mount cracked but you don’t need this if you have deleted A/C
$30 Shipped for the cracked one, $40 Shipped for the good one

K20A2 Timing Chain Guides
-Great condition
$40 Shipped

Buddy Club Lug Nuts
-Great Condition, qty.20, Honda threads
$50 Shipped

K20A3 Crank
-Great Condition
$65 Shipped

K20A2 Intake Manifolds
-Great Condition
$25 + Shipping (1 Left)

RSX Type S Throwout Bearings
-Used but in great condition
$15 Shipped each (1 Left)

K20A2 Timing Chain
-Used, Great condition
$30 Shipped

K20A2 Valve Cover
-Works fine, has a good amount of scratches
$60 Shipped

K20A2 Tensioner
-Good working condition
$45 Shipped

EG/DC/EK Water Temp Sensors (for stock cluster to work)
$10 Shipped Each (right)
$15 Shipped Each (middle)

K24A2 Vtec Solenoid (left) SOLD
K20A2 Vtec Solenoid (middle) SOLD
K20A2 VTC (right) $30 Shipped

K20A2 Valvetrain
- From a 2003 head with 29,000 miles
- Good condition
- Includes retainers, intake valvesprings, and exhaust valvesprings
$40 Shipped

Complete EG Bosch Fuel Pump Setup
F1 Spec Type IV Seats (FRP)
ITR Rear LCA’s
K-Series Quaife ATB
Aftermarket RSX Seat Mounts and Slliders
RLZ All Motor K24 Short Block

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do you have a k20a2 oil pump?
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