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Accepting Offers on Everything

Picked Up (Shipped)

For no nonsense buying, and fast shipping, just send paypal to [email protected] and you item will be shipped within 24 hours. If you wanna haggle, send me a PM or an email to that address.

CRX DX Knuckles: $20 (N/A)
These have bad bearings and bad ball joints. But they are good if you wanna rebuild them without downtime on your car and you also wanna do a brake upgrade. There are write-ups on using 10.3" rotors with these knuckles and ITR calipers.

OEM Acura Optional CD Player: $20 ($30.17)
This is a good add-on CD player for head units with the accessory option.

Ignition Switch: $40 [Used] $50 [New] ($50.72 [Used] $61.01 [New])
These ignition switches both work and one is brand new. Came from a 90-91 Acura Integra, 5 spd.

Ignition Lock: $35 ($45.58)
Comes with a key and works flawlessly. Came from a 90-91 Acura Integra, 5 spd.

K20 Fuel Injectors: $60 ($71.30)
These Fuel Injectors work great and come with good o-rings. Came from a '05 RSX-S.

AEM High Performance Brake Pads $35 ($45.58)
These pads are AWESOME. i have no problem not selling them since i'll use them on either of my cars when the time comes. they are brand new. For the front of a 90-93 integra.

DA Front Knuckles: $70 (N/A)
These knuckles have good bearings and ball joints. Perfect for a brake upgrade. Came from a '92 Integra GS w/ ABS so the sensors are there if you need them.

LS Cylinder Head: $55 (N/A)
Came from a newer LS (have to check the year) with less then 60k. The block blew up and i've had the head forever just sitting.

Amber Corner Lights: $21 ($21)
These are BRAND NEW. They will fit a 90-91 Civic Hatchback. Bumper lights are not for sale.

OEM Honda Radio Block-Off Plate: Sold

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