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I have a blown Z1 (05 with 38,xxx miles) And I am parting it out:

*k20 oil pump
*k20 oil pan
*k20 timing cover
*(2x) valve covers (SOLD)
*Intake Manifold (SOLD)
*k20 coolant passage (SOLD)
*k24 throttle body
*k24 fuel rail
*k24 thermostat
*k20 injectors (SOLD)
*4 coils
*type-s flywheel (SOLD)
*K20Z1 ECU
*misc just ask


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how the cams?
sold the cams already sorry

How much for the map sensor? do u have the tranny? i could use the vss from it if u do.
using the k20 throttle body on my k24 swap

Do you have the spool valve?
what is it? lol

do you have the waterpump housing still , guides, and chain and cover
water pump housing was swapped.. will k24 waterpump fit? I have the chains and covers PM your offer

how much for those plastic spacers between the fuel rail and intake manifold? i need both of them.
the brown spacers? PM me an offer I have them
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