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I have a parted k20z1 with some parts left over for sale

1.) Z1 Oil pump (SOLD)
2.) Z1 Oil Pan (SOLD)
3.) Z1 ECU
4.) Z1 Knock Sensor (SOLD)
5.) Z1 Oil Pressure Sensor
6.) Timing Chain Cover
7.) Flywheel Plate
8.) Z1 Primary O2 Sensor (SOLD)
9.) All four ignition coils
10.) Power steering pump
11.) Power Steering reservoir
12.) k20 flywheel
13.) k20 Injectors

I'd prefer local but I do have OEM Exhaust Manifold, Catalytic Converter, and Exhaust Pipe. Only reason is cause f shipping expenses. I'm located in Southern Wisconsin

I do have some K24A2 parts from 05 TSX
1.) k24 belt tensioner
2.) k24 water pump
3.) k24 Coolant housing (SOLD)
4.) k24a2 throttle body
5.) K24 Crank Sensor
6.) k24 Cam sensors

Pictures cause everyone feels safer with them :p :up:

1 - 20 of 45 Posts