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**FS: K20A3 motor

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That is right... Late 02 K20A3
My motor is up for sale. I have plans to swap my k20A2 on tuesday of next week so I figured why not have a head start on this.
The swap will be done proffessionally by a shop located in Willington, DE.

so K20A3 motor comes with:
All accessories such as a/c compressor and such
It will have the HYDRUALIC power steering because I will be re-using my P/S street
5 speed tranny with fresh GM sycromesh friction modified oil.
The exhaust manifold will most likely be the RSX-S one (more flow anyway = more power)
I am keeping my ecu because i will get that K-pro later on and also save me some money from gettign the imobolizer flash to match the key.

Change my motor oil with syntentic oil either Mobil 1 or Castrol every ~4000 miles.

The engine is still in the car with about 37XXX miles on it.
Note*** Tranny is in good shape
1-2 shift is smooth NO GRIND AT ALL
2-3 is smooth also but sometime at high rpm you get a little crunch into gear
3-4 is knotchy sometime
4-5 is smooth

I am asking for 1200 for the swap

Right now the engine and the car in in New Castle, Delaware. If you are local and are serious I will offer a test drive. Ill take some picture tomorrow and of the tach as well for proof of milage.

** remember the swap is getting done on next tuesday so for those who are serious and want the test drive I must advice to contact me and setup somethign before that day.

AIM: VIspeeds
[email protected]
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hey do you still have the swap?
hey is it possible for you to send me pictures and i was wondering if i could used my 01 civic axels??? u can e-mail me at [email protected]
1 - 2 of 7 Posts