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fs: k20a2 head k20a2 block crower valves

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ok have the following for sale -not sure exactly how many miles. but in great condition.
k20a2 head with internals minus the valves
k20a2 block with internals
brand new crower 36mm intake valves
brand new crower 30.5 mm exhaust valves

will ship make offer to me.

ps for all that know that im doing a k20eg im still doing that but going bout it different so im still doing it so no worries :) but i need to move these items fast. let me know.

chad everson
541 337 8073 cell (after 7pm pacific time)
541 744 5506 home (anytime)
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hey chad this is chris ([email protected]) and i just got registered here...thanks for the still watching the head on ebay and im thinking i might want the block depending on what you're looking for it. i also noticed the other guy with the type r valves. keep in touch.......ChriS
1 - 1 of 20 Posts