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Alrighty guys, I'm looking to switch over to water to air for my intercooling setup so the FMIC/chargepiping setup I just built for my streetcar has to go. Here's some details...

-was fabbed for a sidewinder turbo kit in an EG (I can almost guarantee it will fit an ek/dc just fine)
-is all 2.5" mild steel mandrel bends, fabbed up by me.
-Pressure tested to 50psi no leaks
-tial BOV flange
-blue 4 ply reinforced silicone couplers included (1 for TB to chargepiping, 1 from turbo to chargepiping, and 2 for the FMIC in/out to chargepiping
-high quality tbolt clamps included
-intercooler was a REV-HARD fmic for an rsx-s kit, chopped and reworked for a split dual-inlet same side setup, 2.5" inlet/outlet, 3.0" thick core, about 7" high and 24" long. works nice, never had a problem with heatsoak on either of my kseries turbo setups... easily good for 400-450whp+++
-included brackets to mount the intercooler to stock EG crash bar mounts


I have many many many vouches on here, don't hesitate to make an offer! THANKS
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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