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As the title says, this is a Hytech header for an RSX chassis that's only been used for about 8 months. I don't drive a lot, it's probably about 8000 miles. But hytech headers don't really lose their ability to do their job. This one was slightly special made for my build, which was a stroker motor. THIS WILL NOT FIT A K24 BLOCK!!! The fab piping in the pictures here is the piece that comes off the header and you can either weld it on to your exhaust or if you use a thermal 3" (like I had) then it will just slip right into the piping. You WILL need the donut gasket on this piece of piping. This piece alone was 160 bucks and the header was 1300. Considering there would be no wait time from me for fabrication, I'm only asking-

$1200 picked up +50 shipped

Shoot me some offers, I think it's pretty reasonable considering.

This Header Vs. DCRH

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