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Sup guys. I need some money to get my konis revalved so im selling some of my stuff. Prices are shipped to continental US...

The cams came off of my old a3 that I had in the ep. The motor set a hp record making 209 hp at skunk2.

K24A1 CRV Head $275
Skunk2 Stage 3 Non-Vtec Cams $300 (less than 500 miles on cams)
K20A2 Aluminum Oil Pan $120
K20A2 Oil Pump $100 (Brand New) SOLD
K20A2 Oil Pump Chain $25 (Brand New)
Non-Vtec Valvetrain $50
CRV Camshafts $60
VTC Gears (CRV & Civic Si) $50 Civic Si Gear Sold
Painted Red Valve cover $50 SOLD
K24A4 Exhaust Manifold $50
K24A4 Complete 2 Piece Intake Manifold $60

Prices online for stock parts...

Hit me up on here if you like anything... Im willing to trade for hotchkis camber plates, 0857's steering bracket, and alot of suspension parts...

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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