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Opened from their box straight from F2, put on the car, sat, sat, sat, drove to paint shop -1mile away, sat, sat, sat, drove -1mile home from paintshop, and there they have sat... you get the idea. Theyre basically brand spankin' new...

-Function and Form type 1 full one piece coilovers for the 92-95 civic/94+ integra
-Warranty card, F2 sticker, and coilover tools included
-used -2 miles haha, they did ride awesome the little time the car moved.
-Paid $615 shipped months back, asking $550 SHIPPED

As you all know I have a billion vouches on here, I can take pictures if you guys really need them they will be sitting on the car, on its jackstands like it sits everyday, till I have a paid buyer, then they will be removed, boxed, and shipped to your door w/ tracking!

if anyone needs a 02-04 latest PRB KPRO, check my other FS thread!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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