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Hey guys,

Due to a possible addition to the family, I'll be selling my Nitrous Express EFI nitrous kit. This kit is complete and has alot of add-on's as well.

Kit includes:

-EFI import 'wet' nitrous kit: retail - $818.00

-GEN-X2 kit: retail - $545.00 (includes fully automatic bottle heater with pressure transducer, fuel pressure safety switch, liquid filled N2O pressure guage, NHRA approved pressure release fitting, NHRA approved blowdown tube, all the electrical connectors and wire needed to complete the installation. GenX-2 kit includes a Ice-Man purge valve for the NX Ice-Man solenoid.

-NX Maximizer flow computer: retail - $595.00 (this completely controls the flow and delay on the nitrous. more details available, but this allows more nitrous into an engine with less chance of damage!)

-Remote pressure guage: retail - $169.00

-100 hp jet kit: retail - $51.00

-TPS and mechanical triggers:retail - $104.00

-Custom mounting plates for solenoids - aluminum

-X-tra couple feet of nitrous lines and connectors

Retail price: $2308.00
Jobber price: $2008.00

Asking price: $955.00 plus shipping anywhere in the US or Canada.

The kit itself is MINT in condtion. I've had it about 2 years, but have only used it, maybe, a dozen times? The bottle is like new. the only 'scratches' or marks are under where the metal straps hold it down. Every piece looks like new otherwise. I've VERY particular about my speed parts! I just tested the system to be sure everything is in working order before removing it.

The Maximizer is VERY trick and highly recommended! it controls the amount or nitrous and time the nitrous is added to the engine. this prevents just dumping a 75+ shot into a motor. You can control EVERY aspect of solonoid operation and flow with this. very cool.

I have a mechanical and electronic TPS igniters as well. I used the mech. one, but the TPS is nice for no hassle ligting of the N2O. it works off of a preset voltage from the TPS at WOT.

any other q's just ask! and if you are interested please email me at: [email protected] , private mess. me here or call me at: 866-329-9424 DO NOT post in this thread!!

Thanks guys and keep in touch.
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