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I recieved this car for my birthday 2 years ago. I love every inch of this car. It's of course my daily driver and is overall very reliable. When i recieved the car it had on approx. 98,xxx, now its roughly 115,xxx and climbing. The timing chains were replaced when the clutch was done at 103,xxx. The water pump was replaced when i first got it, along with aluminum rad fans instead of the oem plastic ones. Plated oil pan (please beleive me, when you drive on PA roads for a day, you will realize why its plated) I went through 3 oil pans this summer. The car is LOW. I dont have skirts or lips to make it look extremely low, but when you look under the car and see where the pan is. It's very low.

The car has right around 115,xxx miles on it. It still runs great and should continue to run for another 100k.

Interior - 6/10
Exterior - 7/10

Now for the mods and everything thats been replaced or fixed:
-ST Coilovers (fronts are the whole way down)
-BFI Eurosport 2.5" Catback
-42DD Test Pipe
-Staggared C4 Corvette Sawblades 17" x 8.5" Fronts 9.5" Rears
-Sach's OEM replacement Clutch (great for Daily Driving)
-Timing Chains Done at 103,xxx
-Water Pump and new Rad fans at
-Sawblades wrapped in Flaken Ziex 512's
-H&R 22mm Front Sway Bar
-Shaved notch in hood, hood is resprayed
-Alignment 11/3/09
-New Armrest and Glovebox
-New Plugs/Wires and Oil 11/3/09
-New Wiring Harnes
-Ice Cold A/C
**** Things i have, but have yet to be installed
-20th anniversary Headlights
-Badgless grille

I'm sure im forgetting things, i will add them as i remember lol :beer:
The car turns heads, sounds nice and drops panties :p
It's missing very few things and is looking for a new owner

I'm very open to pretty much anything, I'd prefer not to be lowballed, alot of money has gone into this. Im open to anything from a K series swapped honda to another Vr6.

If Someone would like to buy outright, Im asking $7,500

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