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Hey guys im looking to sell or trade my Fully Built GSR with 11 Miles on it. Never been boosted on or anything. Throw me some offers, May need cash on top depending....Heres the specs... Will seperate the 2 if necessary!

Name: Casey
Location: Tampa, FL
Contact: PM, Phone # 515-418-7957


GSR golden eagle sleeved block to 84mm
JE 84mm 9.0:1 Pistons
Eagle H beam rods
Eagle forged crank
ACL race bearings
ITR oil pump
ITR water pump
ARP Rod bolts
ARP main bolts
ARP head studs
Moroso oil pan
CTR crank pulley


GSR head
Crower Race dual valve springs
Crower Race retainers
New valve guides
Supertech black nitride low comp valves
98+ spec ITR cams
AEM cam gears


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so do you want a k20 motor? k24? you dont mean like the whole swap ( axles, mounts, rad, motor, header, tranny....yada) you mean like a k20r long block or something....please clarify
Sorry I knew I was forgetting something...

I'd like to find a complete swap K20a2, K20r and maybe even a K24...Motor, tranny, ecu, shifter cables, shift box
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