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FS: EG with K Series swap $11K OBO

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Bigger Pictures are available here;
1992 Honda Civic DX Hatchback (VIN#2HGEH2454NH504426)
Charcoal Grey exterior and Grey full interior
14" black steelies (brand new) with Falken Azenis (~70% tread)
KW V3 fully adjustable Coilovers ($1685.00)(
Revo front camber adjustment kit
Driveshaft Shop Stage 3 custom axles
Hybrid Racing engine mounts
Hybrid Racing plug'n'play wiring harness
Hondata K-Pro ECU
Stewart Warner Ultra Shift Light

AEM Cold air intake
AEM Fuel Rail
550cc injectors
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pressure Gauge
Comptech TSX Header
Exhaust from Mack'n (I cant remember the brand name right now)
Steel braided fuel and clutch lines
Crower Cams
Crower Valve Springs
Quaiffe LSD
Fidanza flywheel
Competition Clutch 6-puck Street Clutch

I just rebuilt the motor, so all of the bearings, rings, seals, gaskets, etc. are fresh. Since the rebuild, the car has 6 or 7 passes down the strip and around 500 highway miles; so its practically brand new. Before the rebuild it had around 50K, so all the structural parts are still very young also. No shortcuts were taken when I put this together. This car was made to be very consistent at the track and get great gas mileage because it was our daily driver, and we drove it around the country to go racing. On the highway we got well over 40mpg and while driving around NYC, we would get close to 30mpg. This is all in a full interior car with 2 people and our luggage, tools, etc. This really is an awesome car that pulls very hard when you want it to, but then drives like a Honda when your down low. It is built to go to well over 9K,(~9500) but since we were bracket racing we never went much past 8K. Plus, I did not tune it in that area and we never wanted to have any problems with the car, which we didn't.

The price and terms are very negotiable; I just hate ads with no starting point. I am willing to consider other cars as part of a trade and of course money talks, so if you make me an offer that I cant refuse, we can talk. I am also willing to seperate the chassis from the motor, so if you are interested in either, make me an offer and be sure to let me know what all your offer includes. Feel free to IM me, email me at [email protected], or try to catch me on AIM at jdkindle!

Thanks for looking,
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