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I have for sale a set of em-racing bars that i purchased from ( That is the exact set that is for sale. Mine have been used for maybe a year in a show car, the em-racing stickers are slightly faded from when i was polishing the bars the polish faded the stickers. Evasives price is 385 plus shipping...

my price is 250 shipped

pics when they were installed

I also have for sale a harness bar that is powdercoated silver. It is in very very good shape maybe a little scratch or 2 . I would rather not ship this bar because of the size but if i have to i will. i bought it from Honda-tech sponser (

I paid 300 plus shipping for this, i will let it go for 200 picked up

this is the only pic i can find of it now but you can see it in the above pic also:
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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