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FS: Cybernation Stage 1 Turbo Kit 60-1HIFI

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You see the title

PICS ARE ON POST #2 and #3
Cybernation Stage 1 Turbo Kit
1. Turbonetics 60-1HiFi
2. CN Turbo Manifold
3. Evolution Waste Gate
4. Spearco Intercooler (rated 650hp)
5. Intercooler Piping (already cut to fit your car, U-bends have been painted black)
6. TurboXS RFL BOV
7. 3inch Down Pipe (has been modified to fit my custom 3in exhaust)******see below
8. Steel Braided Oil Feed Line and Return Line
9. Custom Mandrel Bend 3in Turbo Exhaust with Apex-i 80mm Turbo Muffler

Kit has been used for 8 months

The downpipe has been cut at the flange and a new one was put on due to my first turbo exhaust being crappy, so if you buy this turbo kit, you might want to buy the exhaust also, because the dp will not bolt up to any exhuast unless you go to a muffler shop and have them extend it for you. The dp is about 2inches shorter than it orginally came.

the turbo seals are good and show no signs of going, the shaft play is perfect also, was checked last week, and there has never been any oil in my intercooler piping

all of the piping fits PERFECTLY IN A TYPE S
if a base owner decideds to buy this then one pipe will need to be modified and i will do it for you b4 i ship it...ive installed a base kit, so i know what needs to be done

kit does not include injectors, but for a additional 275 i will throw in my rc 750cc injectors
kit does not include engine management, but i have seen a couple of guardians floating around for $250, if you have kpro i will give you my dyno tuned map for free
kit does not include guages, but you can always find those on sale for cheap,

$3200 w/exhaust
$2800 without the exhaust, but you will have to have a muffler shop to extend the pipe so your exhaust can fit


IF YOU ARE LOCAL< I WILL INSTALL THIS KIT ON YOUR CAR FOR FREE....thats right bitches...FREE INSTALLATION!!! and if you have kpro i will street tune it for free also and see about getting you some dyno tuning time also so minor adjustments can be made for your car because every motor is different
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