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FS: Cleaning Out Garage - Aerocatch, BDL, Carbing, Eneki, Hardrace, Wiseco, etc.,

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FS: Cleaning Out Garage - Aerocatch, BDL, Carbing, Enkei, Hardrace, Wiseco, etc.,

Parts are located in San Diego, CA. Post or PM any questions. Please bump for looking, thanks.

Aerocatch non-locking (brandnew): $60 + shipping

Hardrace rear ITR LCA bushings (brandnew): 50 + shipping

Orijin front UCA delrin bushings (used): 50 + shipping

High Density rollcage padding (4 brandnew): $40 + shipping

Wiseco 87.5mm 12.5:1 K24 pistons from ERL w/ rings and pins (brandnew): 400 + shipping

Enkei RPF1 17x9 +45mm (2 brandnew): $450 + shipping

Enkei NT03+M 17x7.5 +42mm painted Laguna Seca Blue (set of 4 brandnew): $950 + shipping

JDM ITR K20a injectors, screens removed from higher flow (used): $120 + shipping

K24a4 throttle body

K24a4 intake manifold

K24a4 complete head

Misc K20R parts

BDL 70mm K-serise throttle body w/ gasket and attaching hardware (brandnew): SOLD to dreams_of_k

Carbing 3pt bar strut bar (old school): SOLD to 2point0VTEC
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bighead10, i could not reply to your pm because your account is set to not receive pms.
I want those NT03'S

edit. damn it just seen they are 7.5" wide only. :(
how much for the exhaust manifold
50 + shipping for the factory K20R header.
bump for some nice stuff :)
Just got my throttle body, bump for a great seller!
bump for yout man :)
best deal you do for pistons pick up?
always looked up to your build when i was building my k. free bump. :cool:
still got the k head shoot me a text 6195814056
replied to PM, i still need that header lmk
I have the header boxed up and will take it to UPS on tuesday to get a shipping quote for you.
nto3 are amazing... free bump
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