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Testing Waters for all K20a members. Japanese schoolgirl (JDM) "squish" air scent for the cockpit of all K-swapped cars.
scents included:
Cherry Blossom Special
I passed my final exam
Mugen Whore
and the Backyard not so special (scoots included for a price)
LMK if interested.

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Hey guys, over the last 10 years I have bought collected a shitload of underwear... to raise some fast cash, I am willing to get rid of some

NEW Large size.. $70 shipped + paypal fees

Another set of these, used for only 4 times.. never washed or sharted or anything.. clean as hell... $50 shipped

Will be updating the thread with more stuff from my wife and kids, stay tuned,

i vouch for nikos' briefs! clean clean clean! if i had the money i would.

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I dont know what the hell you are talkin about....
Colin if Nikos briefs were actually made by Mugen you would be all over these.. :silly:

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this is gettin outta hand

tho i do have some socks that have been worn once or twice for sale.......dont know if theyve been washed tho......................ill check on that one

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Colin, where is that pic of the kid cooking crack step by step? Funniest picture ever!!!
It was in the long ass whore thread (the first one thou)...
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