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I have a set of brand new wiseco 89mm 13.7:1 cr pistons for sale with rings. never been used or taken out of the box. rings still sealed

wiseco part # K573M89

asking $425+ shipping & paypal


owen_the_soyboy - sold a REAL spoon header
mugenb16a2 sold a real mugen strut bar
macrosshn sold carbing bar (rear)
xsellxoutx - i sold him a mugen twin loop exh
enigma94 sold carbing bar (front)
Integra_RS sold him REAL OEM ITR knob
the_crazy_russian sold him d16y7 engine harness
kidkombo sold him mugen rear bar
B18ctrb sold him B2C/CF pillars/rear upper CTR wing -
Nate047sold him CTR type R/X pedals
Rdix - sold him/Brauning Motorsport '06 si seats mod'd for ek
96gsrcx - sold him password bar
SiFreak on sold him PWR rad/fan/hoses
Pirate McFred - sold a k24a4 longblock
1 - 2 of 2 Posts