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FS: 2002 Acura RSX Type-S Track/Race/Street -$7000 OBO

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FS: OH 2002 Acura RSX Type-S Track/Race/Street -SOLD

Name: Peter
Car: 2002 Acura RSX Type-S
Asking Price: SOLD
Location: Cleveland OH (willing to ship if buyer pays shipping)

I don't get on this forums much. I'm active on the clubrsx forums (same user name). Post is here
Here is the nasa forum post:


I know I don't have any posts here, that's why I provided the links above.

I have my 2002 Acura RSX Type-S for sale. I bought this car 5 years ago and have turned it into a track car. It has 164,000 miles and has been well taken care of. The car is clean. With the exception of small dents and scratches from track us, the car is clean. There is no rust on the car. I can't verify this, but it looks as though it has never seen winter. The years that I have owned it, it has not seen winter and only a few rainy days. The car is in excellent running condition. There are a few nicks, scratches and dents from driving it on the track. It's not a show car, but it's a fast reliable track car.

The car is a track car and has seen tracks like NHMS, Watkins Glen and Nelson Ledges. It has been modified but can still be driven on the street. It has been modified with the following upgrades, most of which are for safety purposes and for weight reduction:

1) Custom exhaust from cat back using a Vibrant muffler. Probably one of the better sounding mufflers out there in my opinion.
2) Fujita cold air intake.
3) A/C removed for weight savings
4) Race (80A) engine mounts
5) Transmission has been rebuilt with new 2nd and 3rd gear sets. There are no grinds and shifts perfectly
6) Wavetrac LSD (new in July 2012)
7) Aluminum shifter bushings
8) Corbeau FX1 and FX1 Pro racing seats
9) OMP seat brackets
10) G-Force 5 point harness (out of date for next year)
11) Autopower roll bar with additional harness bar
12) Gutted interior from the front seats back
13) Sunroof removed and carbon fiber panel installed
14) Buddy Club Racing roll center adjusters
15) BC Racing Type-BR coilovers (10kg front 12kg rear), new front shock. The front coilovers have been modified to provide additional negative camber.
16) Eibach rear sway bar ans bushings
17) Energy suspension bushing throughout the car
18) Braided steel brake lines
19) Carbotech XP12 front pads and XP8 rear pads. These are ok for the street but are intended for the track.
20) Stock 16" wheels with worn Hankook R-S3s (tires will need to be replaced)
21) A set of barely used A048 track tires for use on the 16" rims

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that gives you an idea of what the car is. This car would make a great SCCA or NASA car as well as a track car with local car clubs. The car handles really well and can easily hold over 1G in the corners.

The car does have a rebuilt title due to front end damage. I bought it with a rebuilt title and have not had issues with it. The damage was to the driver front corner. The dealer I bought the car from replaced the subframe and the lower control arm on the driver side. I have had not issues with respect to the accident. I have had this car up to 120 mph on the track and the car drives very straight with no clunking and any other weird noises.

The car is set up very well and can be pretty fast. I have passed Corvettes, Porsche 911s, WRXs and STIs at the track. The engine has been kept stock for reliability purposes. I have never had a problem with the engine and it runs strong and runs clean. Oil has been changed multiple times a season with Amsoil oil. The same has been done with the transmission.

I have over $13k into this car, I'm asking $6300 OBO as it sits with all of the wheels, tires and spare parts. I have the title and emissions certificate in hand, ready to sell.

It has been a lot of fun and I really hate to see it go, but it's time to move onto something different. Please let me know if you have any questions. The car has been put away for the winter but is still road legal.

PM or e-mail me for more photos.
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