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On ebay as well
Ebay Sale Link

2001 Acura Integra GSR (91K Org. Miles!!): $8400
JDM K20A LSD Swap (20K-25K Miles): $5500

Buddy Club Racing Spec. Full Coilovers: $1350
ASR Subframe/22mm Sway bar combo (Black): $299
Skunk2 Rear Control Arms: $150
Full-Race ProStreet Traction Bars: $399

Buddy Club Fan Switch: $45
Buddy Club Short Shift Box: $160
Karcepts Shifter Mounting Kit: $160
Karcepts A/C & P/S Removal Kit: $200
Hasport K-Swap Mount kit: $550
Hasport K-Swap Axles: $299
Hybrid Racing K-series Black Fuel Line Kit: $340
Hybrid Racing Fullsize Radiator for 94-01 Integra K swaps: $499
Hybrid Racing K-series Conversion Harness 94-01 Integra: $350
Hybrid Racing K-series Clutch Line Conversion 94-01 Integra: $95
Aeromotive Universal Fuel Pressure Regulator A1000-6: $150
Golden Eagle Black Fuel Rail (RSX): $150
Auto Zone Rad. Fan: $55
Brand New Thermal R&D 3": $399
Brand New 3" Cat.: $199
Batlground K-Swap Header: $450
Senseless K-Swap Black Intake: $99

Brand New OEM Honda-
Bosch Wideband O2 Sensor: $219
Bosch Primary 02 Sensor: $249
Idle Air Control Valve: $190
OEM Honda Thermo Unit: $35
RSX Type-S Charging Harness: $120
Upper & Lower Rad. Hoses: $45
Type R Front Lip: $199
Amber Side Markers: $35

Total: $21,390!!
I have just about every receipt for every part on the car. Subtract Price of car is pretty much my asking price. Dont low ball me but if your planning a k-swap project this could be an unreal starting point. Could even make more money parting out. Need pics of anything else? Please message me or give me a call. I can even help with shipping on the east coast I'm friends with the owner of green wheel transport.

Taking all offers!


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This is a sweet DC2...!!! BUMP... :up:

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At this point I'm so over wiring with this thing I'm not sure. The ecu did not smell of "Fried Wires" like it would if I fried the ecu but then again I dont have another Type R ECU to try out and see if it works and I can't just plug it into an RSX and see if it works b/c the fuel pump wouldn't turn on in the RSX anyway. Ahh!

If your starting an EG6 K20 project this is perfect for you! Swap, brakes, suspension, rims, seats & all swap parts needed!
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