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I am a big honda fan, its nice to see so many others like me! I know a fair amount of imformation regarding the rsx-s, but not how to put that motor into an eg civic, money is not much of and object for me, but i would like to keep it under 10 grand. I plan on doing all of the work myself, but am having an extremely difficult time finding information on what to do, and where to buy the parts that i need. Im not positive on which k20 is actually the rsx-s motor, but i do know that it has 4o more ponies than the base motor, and a higer crompression ratio. I hope that one of you have done exactly what I am planning on doing, but anybody with any information regarding an k20a 200 hp motor being swapped into an eg civic(92-95) lpease reply..

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Whats up folks, names Jason from Hawaii. I'm assembling a k20A cl7 swap into an eg bring forth. I have the greater part of my swap parts including the ,k tuned change outfit. Anybody do this swap and have anything I should know to try to do it watch for? What's more info, is the bearings they give me the equivalent for my K20a wiring it up? How would I wire up the fuel siphon effectively? Sorry such a significant number of inquiries on the double lol It's my first K swap and K20a are uncommon down here.
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