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My buddy is finally letting go of his back up motor that has less then 5k miles on it. He had me tear it down and send it out a local machine shop (Haledon Auto parts machine shop) very good place where the bottom end was completely redone. Block was bored .5 over with new oversized type s pistons, new rings, new main bearings, rod bearings, thrust bearings, front main seal, rear main seal all from honda. Block was decked, bored hot tanked and cleaned, crank was micro polished. We had the head checked and it was perfect. We got it back and put it back together, has stock cams and intake manifold on it. Motor is in perfect excellent condition. The reason why he has it because he totalled his 5k miles after we rebuilt it and i stripped his car for him, he bought a new with higher mileage and kept this around as a back up or with plans of swapping it in but things have changed.

He is asking 2200 obo for it but feel free to make a reasonable offer just the machine work and new oem parts was well over 1200 dollars. I will snap some pics next time i make it down to my shop.
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