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Free!! clean title 97 Dx coupe!! Chicago

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1997 Honda Civic Dx Coupe, have title in hand.

Repainted black, overall fairly clean with various imperfections. No rust on the exterior of the body, there was a little INNER 1/4 panel rust on one side, that has been repaired for the most part. The interior is 100% gutted and the paint is stripped down to the bare metal, and all rear interior brackets knocked out and most of the interior holes were shaved, all the interior needs is paint. The fenderwells were stripped of all undercoating and painted with por15. It will come with no exterior body pannels but will have glass. There is no motor, and it is ready for a kswap. The exhaust tunnel is cut to fit a karcepts box, and one motor mount is cut out. There will be no suspension/brakes what so ever other then the hard brake lines. There will be no brake booster or mc. It will have the clutch cyclinder. It will include the pedal assembly and steering column with wheel. The car will not come with a steering rack. The car is on jack stands in my garage and will need to be placed on a trailor and trailored away. I can provide enough people to lift and carry the car onto a trailor.

At an extra cost:
-I can provide gsr front calipers with earls stainless lines and pads and rotors with less then 500 miles on them.

-Ctr door pannels

-99-00 tails

-Black houseing headlights


-Interior pannels

-Side skirts

-JDM thin side molding

- Doors, f/r bumpers, trunk, hood, mirrors

Email me at streetesco[email protected] or pm me.
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uh, can i have a pic? how far is it exactly from 17057
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