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Well.. after far too many years in hiding she saw the light of day (well... more accurately rain but never-the-less) and is in for body work before I begin the long tedious process of reassembly!

Huge thank you to my friends Justin, Zach, Preston, David and my Dad for helping carry this onto the trailer and off at the body shop.. wasn't heavy but isn't ever easy

Nestled into her new home for a few weeks

Preview of the new color.. Formula Red (R-77) compared to the factory Milano Red (R-81).. I must say I'm incredibly happy I decided to go with the different red. It's absolutely beautiful in person!

First day (next day) was really just getting the glass out in prep for what was ahead.. oh yeah.. and some cleaning..

Here's a couple of angles of the major body work stuff that JR, a good friend of mine whom also works for the body shop of the dealership I work for / my dad manages will be doing the major body work stuff as far as roof skin, rad support, rust repair, etc.. [a little back story about that, my Dad has been in the auto body industry my entire life. It's what he went to school for and has worked his way up from "just a body guy" to running the store for us.. pretty cool IMO.. In addition, in my opinion one of the better painters I've met.. yes I may be biased but watching him spray and seeing his fanatical attention to detail and the perfectionist attitude he puts into his paint jobs..] but I digress haha.. also.. I love how wide the front fenders look in these images...

Last night TJ and myself.. pressed in the RTA and front LCA bushings.. need a few other pieces to finish the suspension stuff.. but should be soon on all that.. before body work is complete. I'm so happy with how the wheels and suspension turned out from powdercoat and completely glad I went with the 20% satin instead of a complete flat or gloss black. I'll have some pictures posted of the wheels once they are brought to the shop..

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love these images! nice finally seeing some progress on it :up:

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I love this stage of a build...getting down to the basic ingredients before building it back up:up:
yeah dude.. it's both daunting and exciting at the same time.. it's still surreal at the moment.. doesn't feel like it's actually happening

Looking forward to see the end of this project!!:scared:
me as well! haha.. thanks for the positive words!

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We made some more progress on the Civic this past week and weekend. Was able to get the doors broken down, the engine bay 98% prepped for paint as well as rust repair complete, quarter panels blocked and finish prepped before primer.. but how bout some pictures!

CTR Hood marked up for dent correction

Anyone that has had the privilege of working with this shit.. knows the pain I experienced this past week while removing it lol.. Ruined a pair of jeans and tee shirt in the process but they came out quite well when all complete

Not too shabby

Thanks to these two items lol

Engine bay scuffed and the 'new' left side radiator mounting point starting to look as pretty as it should.. errr.. resemble factory lol

A little closer view of said mounting point

Picture courtesy of my Dad's iPhone of the rust repair he completed on the right side quarter panel

Pops doing some blocking after the rust repair, also ensuring panel is as or more straight than it came from Honda

Blocked and almost ready for primer!

Right side pillar correction

Left side quarter panel body filler after the rust repair.. trust that this has the majority of it sanded down so it's literally just a skimming of filler.. didn't grab after blocking pictures

Doors ready for another coat of primer then waiting for paint

As is the EK9 hood

Spoon ABS plastic mirrors, fuel filler door and door thin mouldings scuffed and ready for primer and paint

New DX roof skin.. one of the last in the states per our parts department here at work (Vern Eide Honda in Sioux Falls, SD).. had to order it from Vintage Parts Warehouse

And.. as it sits right now.. was waiting for the glue to set up on the roof skin before welding in place this week.. radiator support, doors, etc should all be final fitted before taking apart again for primer and the rest of the finishing work... huge thanks to JR for doing the panel fitment stuff for me! and of course my Dad for all the after hours stuff and blessing the body panels with his skills

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Good looking! Stopped by the shop on Saturday to see the progress!

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Allow me to apologize about the lack of traffic in here over the summer. I ended up leaving my job as a Service Advisor for Honda here locally and making a change in careers into Web Development so it's been a wickedly busy summer with all of that and trying to accomplish with the Civic.. but over the next few days this week I should have y'all up to speed with where I am today!

Rear spats for the 99 rear bumper, rear sedan door handles and some moldings that I scuffed and cleaned prior to paint

Love this Standox stuff the body shop started using a number of years ago... this is what was used to prepped the bare plastic along with the yellow scotchbrite pad and a little agua..

Same concept with the unpainted side skirts

Autopower Roll Cage cross bars.. just a green/grey scotchbrite and wax/grease remover for this

Main hoop w/ diagonal bars prepped *NSX spare photobomming the background*

Rear bumper prepped for paint

also prepped and cleaned the floor area which was to be Lizard Skin coated

ultimately Dad and I decided that we should remove all of that OE glue on the back of the door.. good lord what a pain.. a little laquer thinner does wonders though!

engine bay after sealer and reapplication of the flawed seam sealer

left quarter after a little modification, some rust repair and straigtening

right quarter with the same treatment

front fender wells stripped down to re-seamseal

Wurth self-leveling seam sealer.. this worked pretty well in the wheel-wells.. haha.. (horrible pun).. in the engine bay though we must have gotten a bad bottle cause it did NOT cure

seam sealer applied and cured.. I didn't take a picture of the other side.. cause quite honestly it looked like a 5 year old did it.. haha.. I wasn't expecting it to be that runny!

removed the factory rear tow hook in preparation for the SHG weld on hook

as shown here..

cut off these janky looking pieces of rust.. previous owner had these on to weld up an aftermarket muffler....

some notes to address before prime and paint

Taped up the holes leading into the engine bay to prevent overspray

also taped up the holes leading to the exterior prior to Lizard Skin application

shaved the antenna hole

right front wheel well post undercoat

left front..

chassis up on the frame rack to correct the 1/4 inch difference side to side... yikes! but now is the time to correct it!

SHG rear tow hook welded in place and sealer sprayed

Radiator support welded in place after frame correction... sealed and prepped for primer

door hinges hanging to paint

chassis waiting to get masked off prior to paint

interior getting masked / papered off so no overspray gets on the interior / Lizard Skin

Trunk laid down ready for the interior of it to be sprayed...

I don't know why I love watching these machines mix paint.. must be something linking back to my childhood spending time with my Dad in the body shop when he did body work/paint full time.. and this is where I'll leave you until Wednesday!

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I know it's a little later than Wednesday haha.. but here's some more updates for now!]
The weekend we painted it was spent in a 3 day format. My Dad really took over here and 'blessed' the jams and exterior of the car quite wonderfully. Friday night was for door jams, underhood, inner doors, some outer panels.. etc

Doors hung up to spray the inner panel.. we went over everything with Wax and Grease remover one more time and started masking things off

Had to protect my JDM points :p

While we were rolling it into the booth.. before it went in.. Dad found an imperfection in the new roof skin so we had to correct that and make it look like a new OE panel (which it was lol) before paint.. the bondo is less than what it appears mind you..

Interior being already covered in Lizard Skin we masked that all off to prevent overspray

We (or he I should say) had already sprayed the engine bay the weekend before.. At this point I'm so elated I chose to switch away from Milano Red over to Formula Red.. the color is absolutely fantastic!

Dad pouring some into a cup to begin spraying

Saturday we started laying everything out and again final prep before paint

OG Spoooon hanging up ready for a color change

Misc exterior trims setup to get covered properly

Sedan rear door handles.. and some rear seat bracing..

rear bumper support if you could call it that

Another booth was occupied by the doors, chassis, fenders

said chassis after putting a bag over it's head to mask off where we wanted

oe fender after some lovin

Another booth had plastics in it.. we needed to do some rear bumper 'polishing' as well

front bumper after a hole was cut in it and the license plate mount holes were shaved

bigger picture into the maddness :corn:

Ended up getting into an accident in my daily driver 4 door integra... lady made a left hand turn from the far right light and I smacked the rear quarter panel of her jetta wagon..

Chassis all masked off.. including vin tags and oe stickers..

bumper grill and lower tray masked off.. I know the lower tray traditionally gets paint matched.. I felt like keeping it black.. not really sure why.. no real good reason

my Dad masking off what I call 'driveway feelers' on the OE EK9 front lip

final product!!! well.. "final".. kinda set the camera down throughout the reassembly process.. the shop started to get busier as summer went on and nad to "bust" to get it put back together.. never-the-less.. this isnt final panel fitment either, I still need to install the new wiring stuff and do the other bits also

just a few pieces of trim to get yet for the exterior to check off my list.. nothing too major though

hood isn't complete shut in this picture.. I really am liking how the front end came together

ASR LCA's and TruHart/HardRace lower arms and RTA bushings

OG Comptech Subframe brace and SHG tow-hook

new OE bearings/hub assemblies as well as ARP extended studs

New gas tank straps and OE hardware... I refinished the fuel tank.. I'll have to see if I can find those pictures

Autopower bolt-in roll cage and a little Spoon wheel lurkin in the background

That's all I have for now.. waiting for a wrecked coupe to find its way to the area so I can grab some interior pieces,, then I will be throwing the wiring in and starting reassembly from the inside out.. may be slow going so bear with me! Thanks for reading!

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...That's all I have for now.. waiting for a wrecked coupe to find its way to the area so I can grab some interior pieces,, then I will be throwing the wiring in and starting reassembly from the inside out.. may be slow going so bear with me!...
Thanks for sharing your very interesting build story, especially that great body frame work.

Does the silence here mean, you didn't find a wrecked Coupe? I would love to read the rest of the story.


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ummm.. silence in here is mainly due to life getting busy and me not making the time to post updates.. I've moved since the last update (same city) so I'll have to take some pictures here this week and get everyone up to speed!

I did find a coupe in the local salvage yard and grabbed most of what I needed, still need DX Coupe headliner and seatbelts.. bleeding the brakes is coming up here by end of month and then pending leaks can start putting the interior back in :D

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So it was a little longer than this week before I got an update posted. I think I have some more detailed images from the process up until now also.. which hasn't been much but here goes. Since my last update my girl and I split up so I got my car and myself moved into my new duplex and have since started going back together with random stuff I have around the house.

Current Status

Trunk wiring is "complete" less wiring up the EDM rear fog light, have the side panels power washed in prep for dye, just need to cut out for the rear slut bar first

Leaving myself little love notes

Sound control in the rear quarter panel

Single layer of GT Mat (economically priced dynamat that Preston turned me on to)

HVAC stuff mocked up before I bleed the brake lines to ensure everything clears properly

Brand new harnesses going in :)

Single layer of GT Mat on the roof

KW V3's installed as well as the rear bumper spats

ITR trans just needs some cleaning on the exterior

DC2 Koyorad with misc Spoon goodies

Need to polish the slut bar still... just liked this random corner of the bay


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Been making some progress on the coupe lately so I figured I'd make a small post before a little bigger one after this weekend with more updates on what's been happening. It seems like it's harder for me or I don't focus so much on taking pictures as I work on it anymore but that's probably more cause I get a wild hair up my ass and just start working... so a better update will be had in a few days.

Finally bled the brakes on the car to check for any leaks in the lines on the interior and to get it moved forward... this turned out to be a huge step that was blocking progress of the car so I'm really glad I got that done and can move ahead now

I started by removing the old EPT foam from the heater box and other under dash boxes

Remnants of the tape holding the old shit on

yes I used my kitchen cutting board to slice up the EPT foam lol

new foam applied to the heater box

Heater, AC and blower motor mocked in there, just a couple bolts to fasten it all down yet to be 100% in there

Started to mock up the underhood fusebox that will be now behind the glove box... errr... take place of the glove box essentially... more on that next post

crappy phone picture from the top where it's mounted where the airbag used to be

On to something fun (to me lol)... little bit of fresh air coming through my vents. Retrofitted an 01 CRV cabin air filter into my AC box. Brand new cage, seal and filter from Honda


Ah shit... I knew (no I didn't) this wouldn't be straight and simple...

Had to cut a little half moon into the cage to get it to fit around that connection point on the AC lines

innnnnnstalled... well test fitted sans-filter

now it's installed lol
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