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hey guys- nice site.

i am considing this engine swap into my uk eg delsol (b16a2 to k20a)

BUT ... my car is rhd, so everything in my engine bay is vice versa to your state side cars ie: the battery site on the left hand side of the engine and the brake master cylinder sits on the right hand side. will any of those mounting kits like hassport allow for this? or not? (as im guessing they are made for usdm cars and not edm/jdm models)

also my car has abs (which is also on that side) will i have to get rid of that to drop the k20 in? i can easly get hold of a full k20a civic trpe r from my scrappie 1 miles down the road (so i can nab the ecu+engine+loom- basicly everything)



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Yes, the mounts will work. On one mount, you might have to trim it a little bit but nothing major.

People here have kept their ABS. I am not sure about fitment on your car though.. but for reference here's Zitian's RHD EG which has the same engine bay as your DEL SOL.

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