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EP/EG_nezay said:
Power Rev Racing said:
That would be interesting to see what kind of gains they make.
Yes, it will.

2 of my friends had Crower cams cracked in half.
Anyone have good experience with them?
cam breaking is because of improper installation and torquing of the cam caps in a specific sequence and ensure proper clearances.

I've done crower cam installs and never had a problem.. NEVER... so if i can't a get to break, obviously others aren't doing it right.

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outersquare said:
do cams alone affect the lifespan of the motor?

Thanks for all the info, this place is a great resource.
No problem.

The lifespan of the motor can be affected if you are running aftermarket cams on stock bottom end and you like to over rev.... Even with stock cams a misshift can kill the motor....

Cams alone will never do much for the motor... Bigger cams, more fuel and air is needed and tuning etc...
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