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Few ?'s for K20eg swap already read the Faq article

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Hi im new to the site. Im planning on doing a k20a swap in my civic. Im getting K20eg's package. a few ?'s that i had

1. Does the ITR ecu dissable the immobilizer.
2. Is there any other wiring that needs to be done if i get K20eg's harness?
3. do i need to upgrade my fuel pump?
4. I want to run a full sized radiator like the 94- up tegs. what radiator do i get and what coolant lines do i get?
5. For people who have done the swap with K20eg's Kit. How long did it take you to do the swap with his kit?

Thanks alot guys. I got 4k saved up. Hopefully by the end of june ill have enough to get the mount kit and a K20a motor.

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909rex said:
now dont quote me on this im not sure...

1. doesnt have one so your cool
2. nope.. its complete..
3. your upgrading your motor... might as well do the fuel pump...
4. Rsx radiator or 92-95 civic 2 row or better radiator
5. not sure if any one has done there own swap with k20eg's stuff yet.. when were there doing it... its like butter.. but if you havent done one before i suggest you get someone else to do it and you stay there and watch or have someone help while your doing... could be overwhelming for a first timer...

ya keep saving and dont go half ass on the swap...
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