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F/T- Built k24/k20 integra for S2000

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NEW PICS UP, $11k firm or S2000:up:
This is a 1996 Special Edition DC2. Ive owned it for about a 1 1/2 years. very clean car, and runs very well. Around 1000 miles on the motor,and has not been tuned yet, but still runs strong, and drives like a stock motor. Mods are as follows:up:

-1996 Special edition
-JDM HID Type R front end conversion
-oem GSR wing
-98-01 tail lights
-OEM paint

-K24a4 bottom 87.5mm bore
-K20 type s head
-ACL bearings
-IB H-beam rods
-Wiseco 11:1 pistons
-Blueprint head studs
-new headgasket, timing chain, and tensioner
-Full Skunk 2 valvetrain, and valves
-BC stage 2 all motor cams
-RC 550 injectors
-golden eagle fuel rail
-hybrid racing fuel lines, fuel guage, conversion harness, clutch line, radiator hose insert, EP3 pulley tensioner, Swap header
-Hasport mounts
-ACT extreme clutch setup and type r flywheel
-JDM Type R tranny
-hasport axles
-full race radiator
-skunk 2 mega power 3inch exhaust

-JDM type r recaros
-Type R floor mats
-S2000 shift knob
-Type R guage cluster
-aem wideband guage
-type r shift boot

-Skunk 2 lowering springs
-KYB struts
-oem sway bars
-full race traction bars
-15" bronze rota circuit 8s

Im sure im missing some things...PM me with any questions
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wow nice bump!!! for u cant wait to do my k24/k20.. g/l finding a s2k they nice 2:up:
21 - 23 of 23 Posts