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I have a brand new Garrett/AirResearch T3/T04B Turbo thats good for 400-450 whp. It has a .60 Trim and A.R. .48. For increased durability 360 thrust bearings are standard in Garrett T3/To4B turbo. The turbo has H-3 Trim, Inducer Diameter: 2.298, Exducer Diameter: 2.750, Flow Rate: 49 lbs/min. On my single cam 1.6 Liter on 12 lbs. of boost. it made 280 hp and 210 lbs. of torque. I ran [email protected] mph on Carlsbad Raceway. The car was a 94 civic hatchback SI body and the car weighed 2200 lbs. This turbo is great for any honda applications from 1.6L-2.4L. Asking $480 for turbo plus shipping. If you want to see pix, please leave me your email and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thankx :lol:
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