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im in the process of building a strictly track car its an ek hatch lexan windows 10pt cage 1 piece fiberglass front.... so on .. i got a k20a2 im going to be swapping out the pistons and rods and just running a stock head with prob an rbc manifold. my question is does any one know what fuel pump i should use i have found a couple walbro makes one, and i believe aeromotive does too and what size i should get. im new into k series, ive had plenty of boosted b series and all motors...

the car has an aluminum fuel cell, and electric waterpump already im planning on running a sidewinder manifold with a gt35r turbo just need to know what size and what lph eveyone is running im planning on running 20-25lbs boost tuned on kpro any help would be greatly appreciated
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