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Ep3 whining noise!*With-VID*

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Hi there!

My car developed a stupid whining noise in the right side of the car, that is loudest when the engine is cold, and I think that when the weather is cold too..and the noise increased after change the water pump 1month ago..
Recently I´ve changed:

-Tensioner, guides and chain
-oil pump chain, guides and tensioner
-Idler pulley and tensioner pulley
-aux belt

I´ve been running the engine today with belt off and noise is there anyway.. The only thing that I can think about in this moment is crank pulley with bad rubber in the middle.. after drive the car for 10/15min the noise seems to go away or is quiet...

If someone here experienced this problem please help me!

Thank you all!
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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