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Ep3 whining noise!*With-VID*

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Hi there!

My car developed a stupid whining noise in the right side of the car, that is loudest when the engine is cold, and I think that when the weather is cold too..and the noise increased after change the water pump 1month ago..
Recently I´ve changed:

-Tensioner, guides and chain
-oil pump chain, guides and tensioner
-Idler pulley and tensioner pulley
-aux belt

I´ve been running the engine today with belt off and noise is there anyway.. The only thing that I can think about in this moment is crank pulley with bad rubber in the middle.. after drive the car for 10/15min the noise seems to go away or is quiet...

If someone here experienced this problem please help me!

Thank you all!
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did you change the orange guide that the oil pump chain rides on? not the "tensioner" but the big orange piece
If you put the wrong length oil pump chain guide on it will make that exact noise. I doubt it's the timing tensioner they all work the same to my knowledge just look different.

The type s oil pump guide is shorter than the balance shaft pump guides. If you put the long one on a type s/r oil pump motor it's too tight and makes that exact sound.
This is how mine sounded with the wrong guide.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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