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I had every single piece to bolt on 10psi of boost to my k20a3 and call it a day, and decided against it at the last minute. I fully understand that boosted cars can be daily driven, but your oppurtunity for advancement without losing driveability is far less than that of a NA motor.

I'm looking at the k20a2, z1, 24a2...the obvious NA motors to swap. I think NA with a 50-75 shot of NO2 will provide me with the power I want for a weekend warrior, and the drivability to get me to work and back every day.

My question to you is: I've read so many posts on here, some of which say different things. If / when I purchase the motor, other than mounts, header, k-pro...will I need to replace anything else since my car already runs a K-series engine?
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