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I asked this question in this thread

but thought i'd try this...

i just found out about this after i got the 500 ****ing dollar mugen pan, and then they tell me it isn't a bolt on application for the 01-05 EP3 SI k20a3..

This is for a k20a3 01-05 EP3 SI that is road raced and i am putting on Mugen K20a2 baffled oil pan.

So i need

1.) k20a2 oil pump Part #

2.) K20a2 oil pump chain Part #

3.) K20a2 oil pump chain guide (non tensioner side)

4.) The block off thing for this

What does it come off of? I can find the part# if i know what car the plug comes off of. And how many do i need?

Any thing else i will need?
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