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Hello everyone! New Ep3 owner here, and also tuner in training. I’m taking courses and my shop is getting our dyno setup currently (side note, anyone near western Montana needing tuning, let me know).

Loving my hatch, and since I am working towards tuning vehicles I think using my car as a practice vehicle makes great sense. With that in mind, the goals for my car are as follows:

Safe, daily driver, 200whp, part time autox, and mods done in multiple stages to facilitate more tuning experience.

I am not wanting to do a full engine swap, or turbo. I’d like the changes to be incremental so that I can tune along each stage and really learn. Plus keeping the stock motor non turbo will make for a safer tuning experience. Those fun things can come in the future.

I'm also not necessarily looking for the most HP per dollar. This is all about learning, and therefore I want to try some unconventional mods (like vtec killer) so that I can see a wide range of engine operating conditions.

With that said, I’d love some opinions on both the parts selected for my build and the progression of it. If you think there needs to be any changes or recommendations let me know!

I'll add links once I have a few more posts under my belt, can't do that on the first post I guess.

Stage 1 -

K Pro

Stage 2 -



Exhaust - custom 2.5 inch

Intake Manifold

Throttle Body - undecided, want to retain cruse

Thermal gaskets

Stage 3 -

K20a2 cams/rockers

BC springs/seats/retainers

Type S oil pump

Stage 4 -


Fuel Pump

Stage 5 -

6 speed - eBay, whatever is cheapest w/ least miles

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