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PLEASE HELP!!! I just swapped a k20a2 into a 97 civic hatchback. Im using a jdm itr ecu. For some reason when i start the car, its feels wierd, and when i drive it, i cant get past 4500-5000 rpm. It feels like the fuel just cuts off after 4400 rpm. Ive got two Check engine codes, one is a 41 which i hear is an o2 sensor issue, and 39 which i heard is natural cause i dont have a digital rsx gauge cluster. The engine had small backfires right at about 4500-5000 rpm as well. I dont have the rsx-s o2 sensors, and i dont have a catalytic convertor. So maybe its an issue with backpressure or something. Im not sure.

If anyone has any recommendations please let me know, If you have any suggestios or questions, please post em or email me, thanks
[email protected]

AEM Fuel Rail, AEM fuel filter, AEM fuel pressure regulator set at 51 lbs, ss fuel lines, ek throttle cable, mugen thermostat, mugen thermo switch, mugen radiator cap, hasport headers/axles/mounts and harness. K20a2 and PRC jdm ECU. NO CATALYTIC CONVERTER or RSX-S o2 sensors (i have a 2000 civic o2 sensor installed).
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