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Engine harness

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Got a question, maybe you could shed some light on...

For the K20 engine harness, I know many have routed it into the car via the large grommet under the battery.

now, as far as the original EG's engine you just remove the whole thing? How about the wiring for the headlights? Since they are loomed together with the rest of the stock engine harness? I'm talking about the stock harness on the passenger side, I'm running the RCrew Pnp Harness.

And did u guys just use those red inline splices to tap into the K20 harness > connected to the kpro?

please post any pics of your engine harness wiring...I've searched but found nadda...

thx again...
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the engine harness plugs that are on the shock tower... I simply unloomed and pulled the three plugs inside and tucked away. Then loomed everything back like stock.

Ran the engine harness through factory grommet.

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