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So far em2's only swap option is K series... Does anyone know if the j-series would work?
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already one step ahead of u guys.. i was looking into this when i first saw that this was being done into the hatchs..... did a few measurments..

it seems to fit.. however it looks like but not to sure unless i can actually drop one in.. either the radiator might have to either be moved to where the a/c condernser is so ur gona lose a/c OR use a half size to move it off to the side...

cause if the motor doesnt move forward to the front its gona hit the steering wheel rack.. idk.. im looking for a J motor locally for the past 5 months now.. so once i find one i can tell u for sure...

wit the rbc u have to cut the rad supposrt cause it sticks out to far forward like this

however wen u do the J swap theres nothing really sticking out that far... u got the exhaust headers in the front.. but if u look at these motors u will notice that it jus goes straight down and doesnt stick out like the rbc mani

jus speculation... haha.. kinda makes u wonder if the guys at hasport already tried
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for one thats too tight of a fit.. look how close the crank pulley is next to the subframe.. next thing u have to take out is a/c and the RADIATOR.. hmm.. looks like something that had to be relocated to the front of the car between the bumper and bumper support....

then theres legal issues.. if u swap a older motor into a newer chassis.. its illegal to swap it.. unless u find an h22 thats newer than ur car

then u got wiring issues.. seems like ur gona have to take the whole dash and engine harness and swap it out... then u gotta rewire the gauge cluster to work wit the B-series ecu... if not then u might as well swap in an older cluster from the h22 car so u dont have to do much..

idk.. i think its jus to much custom stuff... more work.. and so forth to get a h22 in there.. i can swap a K into ur car in a day compared to the H22 swap.

btw.. it took him almost 4 months of researching the schmeatics and diagrams and custom fabing to get it running

other than that much props to him and his work
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Js are not longer nor are they wider than a k20 with intake and exhaust.. i dont know why so many people think they are.... they're just taller
back from the dead... i might have somethign in the works.. jus talk right now on getting the motor.. might be some custom mounts being made on my end
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