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So i have swapped everything over into the car (engine, trans, subframe, etc...) and done all of the wiring from following fourms. But the only thing i am needing to do now is to wire in the clutch interlock switch and the cruise control switch on the clutch pedal. I dont need cruise control but it would be nice to have.

I cant find a straight up video or fourm on this subject.

Since the car was auto, I need to run the wires to the ecu, but i dont know where they go. There is a fourm on vtec academy, but they worked on a 04 rsx and the cabin harness is different than the 02 em2.

But the closest things i have found were the pins on E12 and E13
12-blu/orn-Cruise control signal
13-wht/blu-Interlock control unit

Are those it or am I completely off?
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