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Electronic Steering Rack (manual feeling)?

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I have a 8th Gen SI (circle track asphalt racecar). I have had a lot of issues I came across while building this car, mainly the stock chassis harness being hacked up and there was no saving it.
I have a RSX engine harness and a "race" chassis harness.
Now my issue is being the electronic steering. I'm not familiar with this as I've always had EG or EK civics. Is there a way I can have the steering feel as if it was a manual rack? or is there a way to keep the steering normal without any of the wiring? I did see something about removing the internals and could have the feel as a manual rack but I'm a bit confused and can't seem to find very much information on anyone doing this as I figured.

Hopefully someone may have done this and knows or at least has attempted it?
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If you take the electronic motor out of the rack then take out the spline gear and bearing, it moves with ease, just as a manual rack would be. I plated were the electronic motor was so no debris get inside. Works as it should.
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