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DISCLAIMER : I'm not responsible of anything. If you are not mechanically and electrically inclined this conversion may not be for you. I do not consider myself an expert and your results may vary.

I would like to install a 2001 Toyota MR2 electric Hydraulic Steering Pump

Reference link - Aspiration :

My car :

All details :
Pump => EHPS MR2 Spyder Toyota 2000 to 2005
250 $
eBay Motors - Autos, Used Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Trucks, Parts, Accessories, RVs and Other Vehicles

Connection on steering (Integra 94-01)

Connection on pump M16 par 1.5mm

High Pressure hose - 6 AN Each Extremity
Tank you to Karcepts Engineered Solutions - Home
80 $ US

Two Fitting
Russel Brand
RUS-670531 - Russell Fitting, Straight, AN Flare to Metric, Aluminum, -6 AN to 16mm x 1.5 Male - Qty=1
RUS-670521 - Russell Fitting, Straight, AN Flare to Metric, Aluminum, -6 AN to 14mm x 1.5 Male - Qty=1

You need a Bracket to hold in place the MR2 Pump
This bracket is good for all Civic 96-00 with a K20/k24
Pump Bracket

Laser cutting

Installation de la Pompe sur la braket

Paint job 10 $

Rad 65$
Summit Racing - High Performance Car and Truck Parts | 800-230-3030

For the fluid return, you could opt to go with a stock setup, but the cost of the parts just for a mediocre return did not seem to be worth it. I opted to get some 3/8" I.D. hose and utilize a $40 oil cooler from Perma-Cool Industries. P/N: 1007

Rad. installation

Pump installation

Honda Accord 91-93, ABS modul


From Honda-tech See my link aspiration
Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS) Conversion
Pump Pin-Out Wiring
See the attached schematics for more details.
Click here for P/S Schematic

Fuse Box Pin-Out Wiring (91-93 Honda Accord ABS)
You won’t need the rest of the lower amp fuses.
Chick here for Fuse Box Schematic
MR2 Diagram:

Oil 6.50$ Cad (2 fois)

Resume - Pricing
Pump : 250$
Hose : 80 $
Fitting : 30 $
Radiateur : 65 $
Huile : 15 $
Bracket : Around 100$
Total : 540 $ and I win 8 HP! lol

Karcepts Engineered Solutions - Home
Summit Racing - High Performance Car and Truck Parts | 800-230-3030
Russell Performance Plumbing - An Edelbrock Company
eBay Motors - Autos, Used Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Trucks, Parts, Accessories, RVs and Other Vehicles
Honda | Acura Research, Reviews, Performance Parts, Owners - .:. The K Series Source . Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum

Ready to race:

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Good stuff!

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Excellent I'am now going to buy a mr2 pump.who made the bracket for the new mr2 pump karcepts??Also please take more pics of it installed on the ek as I've one and doing the same please.:up:
I can provide the bracket - just request a price !
I'm gonna take more pictures of the set-up under the sun
Give me one week

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Great write-up hondastreet. However, you didn't have to go far for "Aspiration." Information about this conversion was available to you right here at :D

Check here EHPS Conversion redone

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Resurrecting an old thread... I am doing the MR2 steering pump conversion on my car. I am using it for a Super Stalker that we use for autoX. There is quite a bit of effort involved in turning the 10" wide tires I use.

My alternator is only good for 65 amps (battery is a small optima racing battery), probably enough for the pump. However, as a safety precaution I am thinking of using a large 2fd capacitor much the same as some people do for leveling out voltage drops in high powered car stereo systems.

Any thoughts if doing so would be of value? Would it only help with the initial surge and then only draw additional power recharging? I am trying to level out power surges from fast steering input. Thanks, Scott

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Back from the dead.

I just finished installing this and it will not power on. I am using the Accord fuse box and am getting power to the 50A fuse, but the pump will not turn on.

Any ideas? I wired it up just like the pictures posted.

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Hi Hondastreet,

I'm currently looking to install the same pump into my B18C'd EG, I was wondering if you had a template for the bracket you made up at all? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello, I can do it for $60 +shipping.
I sold couple of them
2 weeks delevery

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Just out of curiosity, what is the advantage of using this over using the eps from the EP3?
eps is different ehps. The older civic/integra racks are hydraulic, so you can't use eps without swapping in an entirely new steering rack and the fabrication required to make that happen. With ehps you are just replacing the pump. Ehps works well. I converted my k20 using the older mr2 pump about 6yrs ago and its still going strong.
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