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Ek passenger axle problem!help

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hey k20 i just recently picked up a kswaped 97 civic coupe about 2 weeks ago, the day after i brought it home i was showing it off to all my friends and the passaenger side axlebroke(90mph)(the spindle came out of the inner and ripped the boot and the bearings flew out), well then my friend said to buy a rsx-s axle and use my outer from the axle that broke well i did and that axle had the same problem after about 2 blocks of driving(10mph), well then i did some research and people said to use a base rsx axle so i did and that lasted about 4 blocks and then the same problem(90mph), well now im waiting on a stock civic axle that my friend said should work, well anyways can anybody help me out by telling me what axle to use on the passanger side of my EK, without buying hasports.etc...(the first axle that came on the car is unknown but it is about 1/2"-1" longer then the rsxbase and rsx-s axle i bought. please help a fellow k-noob
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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