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SLOWMOTION Motorsports tunned n dynod my car..made 227whp 165wtq..

current state before it goes away for winter thanks to shockerjoe

just got some new wheels..**** yeee..sorry bout cell phone pic..

moved from san diego, CA to akron, OH 2 years ago..started k20 swap january 2010..
this back in cali

was b16a2 turbo

photo in oceanside parking deck next to the beach

now in akron,OHIO

wont hate on the made mine look good

on the way to slowmo dyno day 2009

baos teg n my hatch

slowmo dyno day 2009

slowmo girls

b-series out

k20a2 in my hands

step1 strip it all

gettin ready for welding

thanks to the homies for the art in the bay..welding is jus the beginning

grinding down the welds is when the work starts..just pickd up the 4door with a blown tranny for 500$ and pickd up a tranny for 50$ new daily while my hatch is down

rooster tail

the next big project..shaving and trying to get everything smooth

thought i was close..but very wrong

homie bao on the on the other side..we both west coast homies, somehow we both ended up in of hondas=good homies

new art in the garage..we got crazy artist out here

loved being done with all the welding-grinding-shaving-shaving-shaving..would never do it again

motor finally in

love fresh paint-brake booster, grill, fog lights, and roof all this color

finally lookin like a car

hasport the only way to go

wiring still need cleaned up

the homie denny..did all the wiring on my hatch..from conversion harness/alarm/engine bay..

the homie steve did the brake line bends in the bay..did a great job and it was his first time..ahah

check the brake

wat a mess

got the butterfly bars to..cant put them in till the cage is in..

interior almost back together..just need to paint he cage

she goes hard in the motha ****in paint

everyday we work on her she just keeps gettin closer and closer to be on the road

not my buddy is tryin to sell them..volk gt-n..just a test fit

my fav part

tryin to keep it factory..j/p

drivin around like an OG..hoodless

adam n jason messin with the tune

posted hard at swensons

the homies

nice photos thanks to shocker joe..

wet sanding the rest of the ctr wing

took sum of the homies for a test spin in the K..

homie Bao took it for a spin..

gettin ready for the 3peat we gon see from the #1 team..LAKERS

did a lil more prep work but not even close to being finished..**** it its better then nothing..IA is this weekend

gettin ready for IA fall 2010

amazing shoots thanks to Shocker Joe

at the hotel

puttin the rotas back on for the drive home..ahah

new shoes..rolling fenders and quarters to fit the sisiW's

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cut and installed my shifter box on my own..was a little worried about doin it myself..cuz everyone tellin me its hard and u need 2 people..but that shit was easy as a fat kid eatin cake..

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spending tonight and tomorrow night after school and work to finsih her up..i to paint cage and frnt lip..then bleed brakes..put her together..then put crzy miles on her before i store her for winter..

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dam everynight i go to work on the hatch i think its goin to get done..but wen we finish one thing something else pops up..thats the def of a project car..its lifetime
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