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Welcome to my progress or should I say never ending thread. My name is Mike and I've been a member on k20 for about 5 years.... Even tho my post count says otherwise lol.

What inspired me to make this thread after so long is that last night I was reading emails that me and the late great Adam West had and he said to me and I quote " Stunna Mike when your car is finished you better make a thread and make me look good!' Sadly we didn't make it to finish my car together and I let the car sit for about two years. This past January, I got it together and promised myself to finish it by Spring time.

My car has gone through so many stages within the past 5 years... from motors to themes etc! Happy I can finally share my work on this thread.

I couldn't have done it without the help and advice of Adam (RIP), King Raza, Kevin, Migs (lol), QRBuilt, my brother Hewy, FRESHdc5 Andy, Chameleon Tuning, K20A.ORG!! and the good guys at AUTOFAIR, jdmland, karcepts hybrid racing and my girlfriend? lol

Well on with the pics! :)

My 1998 Honda Civic I picked it up in spring 2007. If I knew then what I know now... I would have considered this type ricey LOL It was my first car and I didnt know much about hondas, forums, clubs etc.

It had a full stock GSR, Rotas, spoon duckbill, type r style lip, vis carbon fiber hood, greddy exhaust.

My first car meet at FMP:

Blessed by King Raza and Hewy even tho I didnt know them lol

LOL this was before I knew what was real fake etc. I picked up a few ideas from the meet.

Fast forward a lil:

Installed the ek fogs, sidemarkers and paintmatched the CTR lip

Honda Day 2007:

Soooo after honda day I found some oil leaking by the cam gears and i started to rebuild the motor!

My b20 block with RS machine pistons.

All assembled! (love that performer x manifold)

I had a lot of down time while building the motor so I started to collect some quality parts.

Finished Product! Year 2008

The motor made great power too!

It was a blast to drive! So quick and so much torque! (pre k24 days)

Fast forward to November.... the company who built my motor used stock rod bolts and not the arp rod bolts I provided so I day driving to work the rod broke right through my block and it was over for my b20vtec days. :whiner::whiner::whiner:

However since they cost me my motor and a lot of down time... we came to an agreement that they sponser my entire K build! :scared:

Fast forward to K series ERA

Me and Adam working on the car and prepping for the K!

Painted bay and ekk2 mounts getting in!

My ssr k24 header with reverse megaphone

Hype lug swap and my first set of mugens! (certainly not the last)

Car taken all apart

Fast forward some more!

MY k20/k24 Frank
Supertech valve springs retainers and valves.
IPS kme cams :)
rbc manifold
70mm bdl tb
karcepts CAI
12.5.1 weiscos* pistons
eagle rods
ssr k24 header

Made 306 210+ on the dyno CHAMELEON TUNING!

This was one of the last pic I had of my car before going on a two year hiatus. I didnt know much about k swaps and pretty much depended on Adam for everything. Once he passed, i lost all motivation to work on my car up until now.

Fast Forward to 2012

Some recent picture of my car and my prized possessions...

My mugen collection:

And not but not least my car

Could not have done it without

Hope you all enjoyed a little about me and my car.

I will be posting up more in the upcoming week in preparation for Wek'fest. Currently in the process of redoing the engine bay a for a cleaner look and changing somethings... bumpers lips who knows :devil:


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If anyone here works in finance or have a psycho girlfriend, you know how crazy hours can be. Over the next few days I'll be tackling some things under the hood.*:thud:

Some pics as it sits now.*

What I'll be working on.*

I want to relocate the fuel regulator to the bottom part of the shock tower, install a shorter throttle cable and mount a horizontal throttle bracket. I hate all the hoses and wires everywhere and currently I have spacers in my hood so it can close flush but after doing some measurements, the hood frame is hitting the regulator.*

Stay Tuned.....

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Damn might need to ask the mods to shut down my thread now. :thud:

Car sure has come a long way! i used to love the car on the CP-F's back then!

Cant wait to see this thing!

We need a photoshoot together :nod:
Maybe even involve king raza with his VSM coupe :devil:

As for the shorter throttle cable i am almost certain its a stock ek throttle cable that i am using. I will check the part number for you later and let you know!

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wow this car came a long way. i remember taking those pictures that night too, glad to see you included one i took way back then! good luck with the future of this build. car looks great!

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..years, as well.

This car sat in his garage for 2+ years after getting tuned with the K which iirc was near the end of 2009. It was open header at the time and needed some buttoning up and such; it's worth mentioning because most would've sold or parted by now as life takes over at times. As I told you many times, I'm glad you kept her Mikey. :heart:
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