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EG with K20a in Hot Version Touge Challenge

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I quoted this post from Honda-Tech user ghettoracer:
(original thread

ghettoracer said:
in case yall haven't heard, TOP SETUP (Chicago, IL) Charlie's car got driven by Orido and Tsuchiya for Hot Version Touge Challenge!!! and we came in 2nd (out of 6 cars) just behind Comptech NSX. every staff on Hot Version loved the K20EG6... it was hillarious and a dream come true for us (Charlie, Tim and I). we're international super stars now hahahhaha...

of course we plugged DP @ R*CREW, HASPORT, TOYO. this is gonna be offf the hoook shit man we got tons of photos and vids to show later. in an afterthought, i kinda think we shouldn't show 'em (buy that's just being selfish) because this might be history in the makes, EK and EG civic's might make a huge come back in Japan after this, and our good supply of DC5R swaps might reduce!!

i told yall k sizzle is no joke. some famous quotes about the EG6

"I like it" (loud exhaust) - Orido

"This drives like a N1 Civic" - Orido

"This Civic is better than Spoon" - Tsuchiya

"Japanese better watch out for USA tuners" - Tsuchiya

yep, and don't forget the TOP SETUP EG6 was GhettoRacer approved first! haha.
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